Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. Who owns Steeple View?
A. Steeple View is organized by Hales Corners Lutheran Church, its sole member, but is a separate non-profit corporation.

Q. Why is an entrance fee required?
A. The entrance fee is 90% refundable within 180 days of vacating the apartment home. This entrance fee allows us to pay down the funds needed to build Steeple View, allowing us to provide a modest monthly services charge for our residents.

Q. How do I know that my entrance fee money is protected?
A. A combination of reserve funds as well as a line of credit through our lender insures that the refundable portion of your entrance fee is protected.

Q. Do residents own their units?
A. No, they do not, however that means you are not responsible for unit maintenance, appliance repair/replacement and the like. It also means you will not be responsible for selling the unit when you leave.

Q. What is the monthly service charge used for?
A. Repair/replacement of unit carpeting, appliances, etc., utility maintenance for common areas, sewer, water, underground heated parking, and grounds upkeep. Additionally, funds are allocated for future capital improvements. It is our goal at Steeple View to keep the monthly services charges as low as possible and will only raise rates when necessary.

Q. Will meals be served?
A. At this time, we are not offering a structured meal program, however, we hold monthly get-togethers, such as spaghetti dinners, pot luck dinners and catered events for those who are interested. The dining room seats 150 and includes a full-service kitchen and may be reserved for use by residents at no cost.

Q. Will there be any transportation provided?
A. No. Optional transportation may be provided for special events.

Q. Are pets permitted?
A. Only fish and caged birds are permitted.

Q. What happens if I get sick and need medical assistance while living at Steeple View?
A. Steeple View does not provide licensed medical services. However, we encourage residents to contract with in-home medical provider services so they can remain in their homes.

Q. Does Steeple View provide permanent assisted living services?
A. No, we do not. However, we have affiliations with providers that deal with assisted living needs.

Q. Do I have to be Lutheran?
A. Absolutely not. Steeple View welcomes residents of all faiths.

Q. I have read everything on your website, but I still cannot find an answer to my question! Now what?
A. Contact us to answer any questions.

Q. Is Steeple View an Equal Housing Community?
A. Steeple View is an Equal Housing Community. Steeple View abides by all applicable State and Federal fair housing laws.